Question: How are those heating and air conditioning monthly bills working out for you, folks? We thought so. And with that in mind we also came up with the idea you might be in the market for some AC repair and preventive maintenance ideas to not only keep your heating and cooling system in shape, but give you some welcome relief from the costs you may be struggling with. Since the title of this article targets HVAC Maintenance and Repair, there is plenty of good and clever information for you, the property owner, to ponder.

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If you are not a person who is too concerned about taking care of your home or business property, think about this question: You wouldn’t drive your vehicle over 100,000 miles without changing the oil. Ergo, the same logic holds true for all those home comfort system that you may be ignoring. That said, it’s critical that preventive maintenance become a regular happening, in terms of maintenance, as the best way to ensure that your control system throughout your home or business operates trouble-free. Doing this you’ll avoid system failure regardless of the heat or cold weather and most of all, put a stop to high energy bills. Mother Nature has a nice name, but she is, or can be, a equal opportunity annoyer.

You may not remember the old “adage” that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure that your grandparents lived by back in their day, but it was true then and still is. So if you want to eliminate the usual HVAC migraines that usually make their appearance at the most inopportune times, this helpful article is your parachute on how to increase the life and efficiency of your HVAC system. Here is a short list to get you started:

air conditioner pipe* Buy a high-efficiency pleated air filter. Keep your AC and heating units free of leaves, grass and pollen the simple way by just clearing a two foot space around the outdoor AC and heating unit.
* Each month or seasonal (depending on where you live) have your refrigerator lines checked especially in places where it’s hot most of the time – think Arizona. Make it a point to replace air filters every 90 days in the summer and turn off the water to your furnace humidifier. When summer ends replace the humidifier and turn the water back on.
* On an annual basis, replace your carbon monoxide detector battery and clear the condenser by using a mix of bleach and water. Also, while your at it, make sure your AC unit is on level ground.