Underwater Services Specialist

Diving engineering is the expertise of performing underwater services. Diving engineers(underwater specialists) work in underwater environments in a wide range of roles. Among the fundamental roles tasked to diving engineers include but are not limited to salvaging, rock removal, wire cutting and concrete cutting. The work of a diving engineer revolves around marine structures. The engineer must inspect all the underwater services to ensure efficiency. They employ modern tools to keep underwater structures operational. It is worth noting that a diving engineer`s work depends on the structures with which he works. Discussed below are some of the functions performed by diving engineers.

Functions of diving engineers

-To begin with, a diving engineer`s primary function is to offer quality underwater services. Wire cutting is one of the underwater services tasked to a diving engineer. The expert uses a cutting wire which is segmented to perform the wire cutting services. The engineer must employ all measures to enhance efficiency and avoid water pollution. While performing the task of wire cutting, the diving engineer ensures that all the fuel from the ship is emptied.

-Secondly, diving engineers are tasked with the role of salvaging services. Salving entail a wide range of activities. Under salvaging, the diving engineer repairs ships, inspect the disabled vessels and removes them to clear the navigation ways. Further, the engineer must have diving skills to perform salvage diving. In addition, a diving engineer has the role of refinery demolition and re-floating sunken water vessels to ensure the marine environment is safe.

-Rock removal is yet another function of a diving engineer. The task entails techniques such as blasting, drilling and dredging. A diving engineer’s responsibility is to use non-explosive mechanisms of rock removal to lower the cost and heighten productivity.


Underwater services are critical activities that require close attention. Services such as salvaging, rock removal and wire cutting need a lot of expertise since they are done underwater. As such, it is essential for diving engineers to employ all measures to ensure efficiency in marine structures.